The Forgotten City – (PC) Review

by Elegantfroston November 3, 2021
A Skyrim mod reshaped into a Roman adventure, The Forgotten City is a wonderful time looping journey filled with plenty of twists and intrigue.

Sumire – Switch (Review)

by Elegantfroston July 26, 2021
Sumire is an emotional narrative adventure set in a rural Japanese town. A watercolor art style and enjoyable writing set the stage for a wonderful time.


Forgotten Fields Review: A Journey of Nostalgia and Introspection

by Elegantfroston June 9, 2021
Dive into a moment of internal struggle in a writer's life. Listen to the waves as you shoot the breeze with old friends.

Lake Ridden Review (PC)

by Ryan Welchon September 24, 2018
An atmospheric walking game with puzzles and a puzzling story

Anamorphine Review (PS4)

by Ryan Welchon August 8, 2018
A chilling look at mental illness that is hindered by technical issues.

Shape of the World Review (Switch)

by Ryan Welchon July 5, 2018
A unique exploration game that may be too trippy for some