Borderlands 3 Official Launch Trailer

by Jason Germinoon September 9, 2019
It's almost here!!!!

Blazing Chrome is out July 11th, Drops Bad-Ass Trailer

by Jason Germinoon July 10, 2019
Blazing Chrome hit all the nostalgia. God, I need to play this.

Gearbox Explains Social, Streaming, and Accessibility for Borderlands 3

by Jason Germinoon July 8, 2019
Gearbox expands on these features with some sweet details!

Rooster Teeth Games Shows off First Trailer for Vicious Circle!

by Jason Germinoon July 5, 2019
Prepare to lose some friends in Vicious Circle

Steambirds Alliance First Impressions

by Jason Germinoon June 27, 2019
It's birds VS cats in a steampunk flying bullet hell. And FREE!

My Friend Pedro Review (Nintendo Switch)

by Ryan Welchon June 20, 2019
This symphony of violence is pure fun