Hot Brass – PC (Review)

by Captain_Chhunon July 6, 2021
Hot Brass is a fun multiplayer SWAT simulation!

B.ARK is a Co-op Shoot ’em Up Launching This July

by Elegantfroston June 23, 2021
Assemble up to four pilots and save the galaxy from a mechanized aquatic menace! Shoot up aliens in B.ARK on Nintendo Switch and Steam!

Battlefield 2042 Preorder Guide

by Jason Germinoon June 9, 2021
Check out everything we know about preordering Battlefield 2042!

Battlefield 2042 Reveal Will Blow You Away

by Jason Germinoon June 9, 2021 watch it.

Black Skylands Heads to the Early Access Skies June 11th

by Jason Germinoon May 26, 2021
Black Skylands looks to impress with some older style, mixed in with new features.

Square Enix Drops New Outriders Trailer!

by Jason Germinoon December 10, 2020
Square Enix's Outriders gets a new trailer drop!