Lacuna – PC (Review)

by Kevin Allisonon July 18, 2021
Lacuna is a great addition to the adventure point and click the engrossing story make you want to keep going to solve the next case.

Colony Ship – PC (Early Access Preview)

by Jason Germinoon May 24, 2021
Colony Ship looks fantastic, and is a very promising Early Access game! But the difficultly is up there...

New Dark Envoy Trailer Shows Some Gameplay

by Jason Germinoon April 26, 2021
Dark Envoy is checking off all the boxes for me to generate that hype. Definitely worth a look for the trailer!

Per Aspera – Preview (PC)

by Jason Germinoon November 28, 2020
Per Aspera is going to be a hit at the end of 2020

Dual Universe Beta First Impressions – PC

by Jason Germinoon October 23, 2020
Take off in Dual Universe, there's a lot to handle here.
Hardspace: Shipbreaker logo

Hardspace: Shipbreaker – Early Access Preview (PC)

by Jason Germinoon July 23, 2020
Hardspace: Ship-break open your wallet.