Party Hard 2 Out NOW With Awesome Twitch Integration!

by Jason Germinoon October 26, 2018
Party Hard 2 is out NOW. Not sure on it? Check the Twitch Integration video!

Two Point Hospital – Review

by Jason Germinoon September 14, 2018
Two Point Hospital is here...and amazing

The Endless Mission Beta Announced!

by Jason Germinoon August 16, 2018
The Endless Mission beta is COMING!!!

Abbey Games reveals first glimpse of their new god game, Godhood

by Jason Germinoon July 31, 2018
If someone asks if you're a god...

ARK ARKaeology Event Starts Today

by Jason Germinoon June 15, 2018
ARK ARKaeology Event Starts Today Hey ARK fans! Dinosaurs have been a bit hyped lately, The Jurassic Park game launched recently, the movie is coming out shortly, and around all of that ARK players get a sweet in-game event starting today for PC, PS4, and Xbox One! Details, trailer, and screenshots below! Dinosaur hype is […]

[E3] John Deere Confirmed and More for Farming Simulator 19!

by Jason Germinoon June 12, 2018
[E3] John Deere Confirmed and More for Farming Simulator 19 We had a good time playing Farming Simulator¬†17, and 19 just looks even better! Adding John Deere (my favorite brand and what we use on our farm) on top of other new features such as adding cotton and oats! Farming Simulator is starting to absorb […]