Iratus: Lord of the Dead Early-Access Preview

by Beau Seversonon July 22, 2019
Pesky heroes are trying to save the world, it's up to you to put a stop to it.

New Rogue-like RPG Iratus: Lord of the Dead Hits Early Access July 24th!

by Jason Germinoon July 2, 2019
Play the villain in new rogue-like RPG Iratus: Lord of the Dead!


Akane Review (Switch)

by Beau Seversonon May 22, 2019
Dicing up Yakuza thugs with a katana has never been more affordable!

Risk of Rain 2 Early Access Preview

by Beau Seversonon April 1, 2019
Risk of Rain is back and better than ever.


Miyamoto Review

by Beau Seversonon March 27, 2019
Slash your way to the top in Miyamoto.

Upcoming Dead Cells DLC Footage Revealed in Video!

by Jason Germinoon February 25, 2019
Free DLC incoming. **Spoiler** You're going to die more.