Cult of the Lamb Review (PC)

by Elegantfroston September 30, 2022
While it smells demonically divine, this lamb could use a bit more time in the oven.

Ys Origin – Review (Switch)

by Elegantfroston January 17, 2021
While dated in some areas, Ys Origin is a simple, but enjoyable hack n slash dungeon crawler with challenging bosses and three character stories to enjoy.

ScourgeBringer: First Impressions

by Jmachineon July 23, 2020
Is this hack and slash Doom meets Binding of Issac early access game worth your time? Come on in and learn our first impressions here.

Akane Review (Switch)

by Beau Seversonon May 22, 2019
Dicing up Yakuza thugs with a katana has never been more affordable!

Bigben Announces Warhammer Chaosbane Release Date, Beta, and Pre-Orders!

by Jason Germinoon February 7, 2019
Bigben Announces Warhammer Chaosbane Release Date, Beta, and Pre-Orders! Man, Chaosbane excited the hell out of me. A four player online or local hack ‘n slash based in the Warhammer world? Yeah, this looks awesome. Pre-orders are just starting to go live and if you decide to jump in with a pre-order you will snag some […]

Hades Early Access Preview

by Beau Seversonon January 4, 2019
For me, hearing that a new Supergiant Games game has released is a purchase simply on merit of their past games. There is a quality of art, music, and story that is poured into their past entries that most AAA studios can’t even reach. There is a deep cohesiveness that makes these not just games, […]