Next-Gen Gioteck Headset Package Revealed

by on November 16, 2020

Next-Gen Gioteck Headset Package Revealed

The turn of the decade has proven to be the start of next-gen gaming peripherals. For instance, NVIDIA just released their newest GPU—the GeForce RTX 3080—which can be found in the most high-end gaming PCs available today. Meanwhile, we’re on the month of the release of console gaming’s next-gen hardware: the PS5 and the Xbox Series. Of course, gaming accessories aren’t too far behind on the innovation, as evidenced by Gioteck’s new accessory package: the TX-50 bundle.

Next-gen support

The TX-50 is not a new model. The original device was released last year, as past of Gioteck’s new gaming accessories line. However, aside from an upgrade, the TX-50 is going to be sold with the company’s flagship “Viper Cable.” The Viper Cable or the VP-1 is an all-in-one high-speed cable that includes a USB-C end and a premium 2.18K HDMI end. You can use it to connect directly to new consoles (like the PS5) since they now use USB-C or your PC when streaming.

VP-1 is also built with 24 gold plated connectors, ensuring the fastest and clearest transition of sound possible.
Of course, that’s not the only thing great about the new TX-50. Here are its other notable features:

Excellent audio

The TX-50 has 50mm high impact drivers, minimal to no feedback, and discrete inline control. This ensures that the bass is always emphasized without drowning the mid sounds. Its only downside is how the high-end noise can be a little attenuated, but only when the lows are active. But unless you’re paying close attention, you’ll barely notice the difference.

Powerful hardware

All adequately supported hardware needs three things: controlled impedance, crosstalk control, and interplane capacitance or a stable power line. To create integrated circuit designs for gadgets like the new TX-50, manufacturers had to rely on PCB stackup impedance calculators to get their voltages right. As such, while the TX-50 does use a lot of power paths to run, it’ll never fry its circuits like many headsets on the market do. You can use it for hours and even while charging.

Easy on the head

The new TX-50, much like the old one, features Alcantra cushioning, which is an Italian fabric that feels like leather. It’s used a lot in Microsoft Surface computers. According to Microsoft, it’s a type of material that “ages beautifully, growing richer and darker over time, and is wonderfully soft to touch”—and we can only expect the same for the TX-50. The ear cups are clamped firmly but not too tight, allowing the user to enjoy the gadget’s superb noise-canceling feature without the added headache.

Sleek design and price

No design changes have been announced for the headset. As such, the TX-50 will very likely debut with its iconic minimalist design. The base color is mostly black. However, it has thin orange-accented lines on each ear, which follows a diamond pattern. The pattern is filled out by a black steel grille. Its tactile rubber finish also makes it look more expensive than it really is. It will be available sometime this month at around $40.

The year may be coming to an end, but it is doing so with a lot of exciting announcements from accessory manufacturers. The Gioteck TX-50 might not be the most powerful headset, but it’s certainly the most accessible next-gen accessory announced. You might not find a similar model with the same specs.

Article provided by Dennis S. Savoy

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