LucidSound LS1X Headset – Review

by on January 28, 2020

LucidSound LS1X Headset – Review

Woah, wait, GameOctane is reviewing headsets now?! Lookatus.gif Strap in because I had a lot of fun with this headset. I do want to apologize for the time it took to post this review. I…never set the site up for reviewing “Gadgets” properly, so some back end work needed to be done, but I digress, TO THE REVIEW!

The LucidSound LS1X Premium Chat Gaming Headset is just that, a premium chat gaming headset. The LS1X only has one earpiece and a microphone, but it’s a great replacement for the headset that comes with the Xbox One. The LS1X is the starting point for headsets by only covering one ear, but it doesn’t feel that way. This thing feels pretty solid, and external pieces (microphone, top plastic headset piece, and the 3.5mm cable don’t feel like it will fall apart even with some heavy use. In fact, the top headset was flexible enough for some serious twisting and no cracking of plastic was present.

The LS1X boasts some great features you’re not going to find with other chat headsets. It has an open-backed earpiece so you aren’t all hot and sweaty on one side of your face. That also allows for other sounds to come through, such as your kids waking up and ruining your gaming session :D. It’s packing a 50mm speaker that’s only giving you chat audio, so it’s nice and crisp. The microphone is a flexible boom mic and has a light on the end when its muted, you know so you aren’t yelling at your team on why they can’t hear you. With a push of the LS logo, you will instantly mute the microphone and if you drag your finger around the logo (it’s a different texture, reminded me of a vinyl record…which I loved), you can also quickly raise or lower the volume.

As for comfort, the earpiece was fairly well padded and I had zero discomfort. The top plastic piece has a simple strip of padding, it’s not covered like the earpiece, but it does its job of not letting the plastic dig into your scalp.

The sound quality was fairly surprising. I wasn’t expecting that much of a jump from a regular simple Xbox headset, but that 50mm speaker does wonders. As for chat audio, I made a little recording by plugging my headset into my phone, check it out below:

The microphone isn’t bad at all. I wasn’t screaming in it and speaking in a normal volume. I did notice some of my P’s pushed some air into the recording, but overall I’m not upset one bit.

As for some little bonuses, you get a slick little LucidSound sticker in the box with the “LS” logo on it. The manual inside has some great information inside, including a QR code with instructions on how to properly set it up on your Xbox!

Overall, I am damn impressed with this little headset. It feels good, it sounds good, what else could you want? There are two versions of LucidSounds LS1 headsets; the LS1X, which is what the review is based on and will work on Xbox, PC, Mobile, and Switch, and the LS1P, which is the Playstation version. Both have the same price of $24.99, which if you’re just looking to chat, absolutely grab this headset.

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