PowerA MOGA XP5-X Plus Bluetooth Controller Out Now!

by Jason Germinoon December 9, 2020
PowerA's MOGA XP5-X Plus bluetooth controller could be a must buy for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members!

Next-Gen Gioteck Headset Package Revealed

by Jason Germinoon November 16, 2020
Gioteck TX-50 is getting an upgrade, their "Viper Cable", and still very much affordable.


LucidSound LS1X Headset – Review

by Jason Germinoon January 28, 2020
LucidSound's LS1X headset is my new favorite chat headset.

LucidSound Announces New Headsets LS1 and LS10!

by Jason Germinoon June 13, 2019
LucidSound is boasting a strong lineup come this fall!

LucidSound Announces Rose Gold LS35X Xbox Wireless Headset!

by Jason Germinoon June 13, 2019
This LS35X Rose Gold looks absolutely gorgeous!

LucidSound Announces Limited-Edition Snoop Dogg LS50 Gaming Headset!

by Jason Germinoon June 13, 2019
In a collaboration with Snoop Dogg, these LS50s look clean as hell.