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Flashback Friday Spotlight: The Legend of Zelda 1989 Animated Series

by on May 13, 2016

Well excuuuuuse me, Princess!

By Allie W, Editor/Collaborator – May 13, 2016

Okay so I know this isn’t an actual game but it’s BASED on a game so it totally counts, right? Right??! I say yes.

The Legend of Zelda 1989 animated series is 100% awesome. It is so much fun to watch, although potential viewers should be warned that it’s totally cheesy and Link isn’t always as heroic as we want him to be. In fact, this series will remind everyone why it’s probably a good idea that Link never talks in the games.

The animated series takes place in Hyrule (of course) after Link has defeated Ganon (kind of) and he is now living in Hyrule Castle with Zelda, serving as security over the Triforce. For some reason the Triforce is a talking glowing pyramid, and there are two pieces of it instead of three?? I really don’t understand it at all, but with this show you learn to take it as it is.

Link is all sorts of creepy and douchey in this show. His catchphrase throughout the entire season (there is only one season) is “well excuse me, princess!”. If that doesn’t give you an idea of how rude he is to everyone, check out this video:

He isn’t out to save Hyrule for the sake of saving Hyrule, or even for the sake of defeating the Evil Ganon; he’s in it for the kisses, and he’ll take it from any princess that he can. He is constantly asking for Zelda to kiss him, or hug him, or what have you. And amazingly she considers it most of the time! At least until he makes her angry again. Which he manages to do over and over. We also have Ganon, who is a weird-looking pig in a nightgown. His plans are constantly being foiled by our heroic gang, but he keeps trying so hard to get the other piece of the Triforce.

As ridiculous as this cartoon is, it really is so much fun to watch. Although it feels like it is only loosely based off the games, it’s something that just about any Zelda fan, or any person for that matter, can enjoy with a good laugh.

Have you seen the Zelda cartoons? What did you think? Let us know in the comments below!

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