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First Impressions – Paper Mario Color Splash

by on June 15, 2016

For the past two days, I’ve been stalking *ahem* watching Nintendo’s Treehouse presentation at E3. As excited as I am for Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, I’m glad Nintendo shifted the focus to another game, even if it was only for a short while. Paper Mario Color Splash is the next installment in the Paper Mario franchise, and it seems to be a huuuuuuge step up from Mario and Luigi Paper Jam.

Don’t worry, there don’t seem to be any stickers around here this time. Instead, we have a paint hammer and a new friend! Here in Color Splash we are joined by a paint can named Huey (very clever, Nintendo). He is surprisingly expressive and sassy for a paint can, and I have to say I like him a lot.

Screenshot (36)

The paper world we find ourselves in for this new game looks fantastic, and outright adorable. It has so much more detail than any of the past Paper Mario installments. There was so much to look at and take in, every inch of the screen contained something interesting. This should be a major plus for the little siblings of the world who will surely watch this game more than they will play it at first.

The demo showed Mario running around the paper world, which seemed to be missing a lot of its color. This is where the paint hammer comes into play. Mario can smash his hammer on a colorless area, filling it with paint. Once it is full, there is some kind of reward, typically coins. However there is more to it than that! There are many items that can be interacted with via Mario’s hammer. Some of these items are missing some color. Paint hammer to the rescue! Once the item has all of its color, it will then be able to function and Mario can use it how he would like and be on his merry way.

Screenshot (54)

There are new fighting mechanics, making use of a card system. The cards start out white, and can be filled in with paint to gain more power. They can be played strategically depending on your enemies, which looks like a lot of fun. This game kept the action system, giving players with good timing an upper hand in every battle. I didn’t see any HP gauges above the enemies in the gameplay demo, but instead they did show that an enemy will lose its color as they lose health! A fun and creative display, and it matches extremely well with the rest of the game.

Screenshot (45)

There are some other big changes to the game, that would be too hard to describe with words. I would recommend anybody interested in the game check out some gameplay footage from E3 and see for yourself! All in all, Nintendo has really outdone themselves with this game, as far as I can see. I’m definitely looking forward to playing it for myself when it comes out on October 7 later this year.


Did you see Paper Mario in action? What did you think? Let us know in the comments below!

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