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First Impressions: EX Zodiac (PC)

by on March 24, 2020

Those who have been itching for a new classic rail shooter in the same vein as Star Fox for the SNES will be delighted to know that Ben Hickling has been plugging away at his newest project: EX Zodiac. Recently, I was given the opportunity to try out the demo for this game and while it’s a short 10 minute experience at most, what is there is very promising and fun. Art style feels very star fox meets space harrier. The music, I believe is a placeholder but if it’s going to sound similar to this in the final version I am down for these kinda jams. Lastly gameplay is fun, intuitive, and with a slight dash of complexity I wasn’t expecting from the genre. You have all the maneuverability of star fox and the secondary homing ability one might recall seeing in games like Panzer Dragoon. In fact if there is one thing to say about EX Zodiac; it’s that the game is a love letter to retro rail shooters and it does so exceptionally well.

For those looking to try the game out you can go to twitter @BenHickling and find the discord link on the pinned tweet where the demo resides. Overall I am very hyped for Ex Zodiac and can’t wait for more.

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