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Flashback Friday Spotlight: Apple IIGS Personal Computer

by on May 27, 2016

Who doesn’t remember their first computer? I will never forget mine. From its “blazing” 16 bit architecture to its mind blowing 800 colors in “Super-High Resolution”. The 256KB expandable up to 1MB of memory would give anyone a reason to have one hell of a Friday night. The Apple IIGS was released 29 years ago in September of 1986. It retailed for $999, which in today’s money is around $2,157.

The Apple IIGS was one of the first computers that really showed us what we could do with a computer, or in that matter what a computer could do for us. Either you were a business man or woman burning the midnight oil trying to finalize one last report, an early adopted gamer mind blown by the 800 colors and 16bit of Graphics, or simply a kid printing out a KEEP OUT sign for your door with the latest version of THE Print Shop circa 1986.

Looking back on it, I loved playing games. Either I was mowing down some Ninjas with my skills in Karateka, getting my driving skills narrowed down with some Test Drive, or trying to hone my skills on an intense game of some Battle Chess there was always fun and mayhem to be had. The Apple IIGS was discontinued in December of 2012. As Babe Ruth told Benny in the Sandlot, “Remember Kid, Heroes get remembered, but legends never die”.

Looking back on what games used to be versus now, our current generation may never understand the struggles we had as gamers and the luxuries that are offered in a video game today. As the years progress and the more these games evolve and provide us the stunning visuals, storyline, DLC, and all around good times, we need to remember one thing. Never underestimate the power of anyone on a team of individuals who make these games, make them what they are today, and put in the overtime and all the hard work.

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