Pen and Paper

Kings and Heroes – Review

by Matthew Steigelyon March 24, 2018
Kings and Heroes, unfortunately, isn't an exciting name and sounds extremely generic. But is this a diamond in the rough, or does it keep true to its boring namesake?

Settlers of Catan is coming to VR!

by Matthew Steigelyon September 1, 2017
Clear a space on the virtual table top because Settlers of Catan is making it's way to VR!

Belly of the Beast Kickstarter Preview

by Jason Germinoon April 5, 2016
Ben Dutter at Sigil Stone Publishing is at it again. Here is his new Kickstarter for ‘Belly of the Beast‘. Utilizing the same system from his other successful Kickstarter campaign of ‘Hunt the Wicked‘. Using a simple D6 dice system takes the strain off of the math of the system and allows you to focus […]

Hunt the Wicked Kickstarter Preview

by Jason Germinoon August 25, 2015
Hunt the Wicked is a (already funded at the time of this writing and has 17 days left) pen and paper RPG done by Sigil Stone Publishing. Its a fun, easy to learn, take on a genre that seems to be very cookie cutter these days. The premise is simple yet allowing even the most […]