Early Access

Project Winter now on Steam Early Access!

by Jason Germinoon February 7, 2019
Project Winter now on Steam Early Access! It’s here, the wait is over. Project Winter is now out on Steam Early Access! Rejoice and ruin friendships in this 8 player survivor (and traitor) game. Other Ocean Group’s servers proved themselves as thousands of traitors and survivors climbed into the frozen ring of Project Winter’s first open […]

Hades Early Access Preview

by Beau Seversonon January 4, 2019
For me, hearing that a new Supergiant Games game has released is a purchase simply on merit of their past games. There is a quality of art, music, and story that is poured into their past entries that most AAA studios can’t even reach. There is a deep cohesiveness that makes these not just games, […]

Supergiant Games launches Hades early-access on Epic Games Store

by Beau Seversonon December 7, 2018
Supergiant Games is back with a game only currently on the Epic Games Store.

A “Meaty” Update Available Now For SCUM

by Ryan Welchon November 2, 2018
Will the Wild Hunter Update cut the competition down to "size?"

Fear the Wolves Early Access Preview

by Jason Germinoon September 26, 2018
Fear the Wolves? It must be scaring players away...

A look at Lord of the Rings: Living Card Game

by Matthew Steigelyon September 25, 2018
Middle Earth always feels like home.