Flash Back Fridays

Flashback Friday Spotlight: Sega Game Gear

by Noel Doyleon March 24, 2017
The other day I was at my parents house helping them move into their old place. Like most parents, they still over the years end up holding onto their kids treasures that may have either been left behind or forgotten about. My parents were no exception to that rule. As my mom is gathering some […]

Flashback Friday – Catherine

by travis_stywallon March 17, 2017
When people sometimes ask me what some of my favorite video games are, I always seem to mention the 2012 puzzle platforming gem, Catherine. With a title so simple as Catherine people can’t help but ask what the game is about and because of its unique qualities I get so excited to explain to others […]

Flash Back Friday: MAR10 a GO Team and Friends Collaboration Article

by Curt Callawayon March 10, 2017
Today is Friday March 10th. Normally not a big deal but this year a few planets have aligned….. Mainly the Flashback Friday feature here at GameOctane, Leet speak for an abbreviated March 10 equals Mario, and with only some exceptions the GameOctane team totally has Nintendo on the brain due to the past week being […]

Flash Back Friday: The Legend of Zelda the Wind Waker – Review

by Curt Callawayon March 3, 2017
Just to do something a little different for this week’s Flash Back Friday I wanted to play and review a an old game I’ve never played before. Because today the latest installment in The Legend of Zelda franchise debuts to the world, I decided to review The Legend of Zelda the Wind Waker. This game […]

Flash Back Friday: Contra Speedrunning with Special Guest Anthole

by Jason Germinoon February 24, 2017
Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A Start – Though not the first game to use it, the action-packed, run and gun NES Classic, Contra, forced millions of children across the world to memorize the Konami code in an effort to subvert the game’s difficulty. The notoriously rage-incuding game, celebrating its 30th […]

Flash Back Friday: Gun * Nac

by Curt Callawayon February 17, 2017
In 1990 there was a huge collection of really great games for a variety of systems. The NES was in its heyday having a good solid 5 years of major success in the North American market. This super hot and open market leads towards some crazy obscure titles, games, stories and themes. Gun Nac was […]