DIY Tech

New Life To Retro Style

by Noel Doyleon February 23, 2018
New Life To Retro Fun Browsing through my Facebook feed like so many people like to do on their downtime, I came across an interesting video that featured a company entitled 1Up Forge. 1Up Forge’s focus is to take old recycled video game parts, accessories, and really anything from the past of geek and turn […]
DIYTech Weekly

ON SALE 29.07! DIY Tech Weekly: A look at the raspberry Pi Zero (And where to buy one)

by Makerimageson July 27, 2016
Welcome to the first ever real weekly DIY Tech article.  UPDATE 29.07: Pimoroni is having a birthday sales for its 4th birthday – free Blinkt! and Pi Zero when you spend over £100! The Raspberry Pi Zero is unarguably one of the most buzz-worthy Single Board Computers, or SBC’s, for short, that has come out over the past […]

DIYTech Weekly

DIY Tech – a look in the insides

by Makerimageson July 18, 2016
For several years now, I’ve been interested in electronics. Especially, DIY electronics. To me, the thought of building something functional from individual components by hand, feels… natural. In this new series of articles, called DIY Tech, I want to share upon that thought, and the power of making. In the words of Adam Savage: The […]