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Battleheart 2 Review (iOS)

by Beau Seversonon July 16, 2018
A solid RPG strategy battle game that has had a graphical overhaul, but doesn't change up much of the formula.
Fighting a boss that split into two

20XX Review (Switch)

by Beau Seversonon July 13, 2018
20XX is a roguelike love letter to the Megaman franchise.

Hector slashes Naomi

Pocket Rumble Review (Switch)

by Beau Seversonon July 12, 2018
Pocket Rumble takes all of the technical aspects of a deep fighting game and streamlines it in a way that even a beginner like me can pick up and understand.
Spidoctopus Artwork

Dig or Die Review (PC)

by Beau Seversonon July 10, 2018
Dig or Die takes an open-ended survival game genre and marries it to a wave-based defense game

Identity V title card

Identity V Review (iOS)

by Beau Seversonon July 9, 2018
Identity V takes the 1 v 4 Hunter game genre and adapts it for mobile. It wears clear influences of Dead by Daylight and introduces its own unique take.
Introductory Bus Depot

Bus Simulator 18 Review (PC)

by Beau Seversonon July 6, 2018
It's been quite a while since I've found such a relaxing experience in a game I never expected to even like, but Bus Simulator 18 reminded me that when you try something new you might just end up finding an appreciation for it.