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Sniper Elite V2 Remastered Review (Xbox One)

by Ryan Welchon June 26, 2019
While it's not exactly a perfect headshot, Sniper Elite V2 Remastered still shows how fun it is to be a sniper. 

First Impressions: Borderlands 3

by Ryan Welchon June 20, 2019
While it's not a groundbreaking entry to the franchise, Borderlands 3 gives us the humor, guns, and action that we want.


My Friend Pedro Review (Nintendo Switch)

by Ryan Welchon June 20, 2019
This symphony of violence is pure fun

First Impressions: Zombie Army 4

by Ryan Welchon June 19, 2019
Zombie Army is back! We went hands-on with the bloody E3 demo and can't wait to play more!

First Impressions – Bleeding Edge

by Ryan Welchon June 18, 2019
This melee game is no joke

First Impressions – Ultimate Alliance 3

by Ryan Welchon June 18, 2019
A blast from the past plays beautifully on the Nintendo Switch