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Flash Back Friday: MORTAL MONDAY!!!!!

by Troy Denton September 16, 2016
For Flashback Friday we decided to talk about a little known but very dear holiday that occurred in September 13, 1993, it was to be known as MORTAL MONDAY! The day Mortal Kombat was released upon home consoles (as well as other platforms) and kick started another round of the Nintendo vs Sega debates on […]

Strike Vector EX for PS4 Review

by Troy Denton September 1, 2016
Strike Vector EX originally came out on PC in 2014 but has since been revamped and updated, think HD remake, for the PS4 by Developer Ragequit Corporation. A sort of Ace Combat/Mech Assault type hybrid, the game plays very fast and can be frantic to newcomers. The graphics are pretty decent thanks to the Unreal […]

E3 Journal – Day 2 (PC Gamer/Sony)

by Troy Denton June 14, 2016
The PC Gamer event was housed in the Ace hotel theater which had a very gothic metal hellish look to it, it was basically Dracula’s playhouse. The event started with a “shopping spree” contest but with steam. The contestant got to keep over $1000 in steam purchases and a bunch of accessories like head phones […]

Doom review: Party like its 1993

by Troy Denton May 25, 2016
Doom (aka Doom 4) released by Id Software for PC, PS4, and Xbox1 manages to be a new, groundbreaking game in terms of graphics and game play by tapping into the nostalgia style of the previous Doom titles in the series, all the while correcting what could arguably be some missteps created by Doom 3s […]

HTC Vive hands on review aka: Adventures through the 3rd Dimension

by Troy Denton May 18, 2016
Recently a friend of mine received her HTC Vive and we decided to have a Vive party to try it out. On the physical side of things the Vive sits pretty well on ones face and can easily be adjusted for better comfort. It was lighter than I expected, from what Ive heard its lighter than the […]

Uncovered: Final Fantasy XV event review

by Troy Denton March 30, 2016
Tonight SquareEnix held a small event to show case the upcoming Final Fantasy XV. Many people including myself just assumed it would be some game play footage to build the hype and then announce the release dates, but I was wrong, the show was so much more. There’s a lot to get through so lets […]