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ON SALE 29.07! DIY Tech Weekly: A look at the raspberry Pi Zero (And where to buy one)

by Makerimageson July 27, 2016
Welcome to the first ever real weekly DIY Tech article.  UPDATE 29.07: Pimoroni is having a birthday sales for its 4th birthday – free Blinkt! and Pi Zero when you spend over £100! The Raspberry Pi Zero is unarguably one of the most buzz-worthy Single Board Computers, or SBC’s, for short, that has come out over the past […]
DIYTech Weekly

DIY Tech – a look in the insides

by Makerimageson July 18, 2016
For several years now, I’ve been interested in electronics. Especially, DIY electronics. To me, the thought of building something functional from individual components by hand, feels… natural. In this new series of articles, called DIY Tech, I want to share upon that thought, and the power of making. In the words of Adam Savage: The […]

Valve let MAKE: Magazine inside their prototyping labs. See what they found.

Valve let MAKE: Magazine inside their prototyping labs. See what they found.

by Makerimageson June 28, 2016
Available in MAKE: Volume 52, their writer Scott Dalton had the opportunity of a lifetime – he was allowed access to VALVE’s secret hardware prototyping laboratories, to take a look at how they built the HTC vive.  Yup, that’s VALVE’s handywork. What he found, can only be described as awesome. From things like this:   All […]

Ubisoft turned 30 – shares free games for the rest of the year.

by Makerimageson June 22, 2016
In March, game developer Ubisoft Studios celebrated it’s 30 year anniversary. To celebrate, they have now decided to release a free digital PC copy for a game of their’s each month. The only requirment – an Uplay account, but that’s free anyways. They’re kicking things off this month with.. wait for it – Prince of […]

Tom Clancy's The Division. Releases on March 8th.

Games to look forward to in 2016 – Makerimages’ pick

by Makerimageson January 2, 2016
Happy New Year! What better way could there be to start 2016, than by compiling a list of the best games to look forward to in 2016. Here are some of my favorite titles. Firewatch A Unity-powered game, that’s been in production for over 2 years now. With a great-sounding storyline and some great trailers, […]

LIVEBLOG: Ubisoft teases announcement with lengthy, mysterious livestream

by Makerimageson October 5, 2015
Video-game giant Ubisoft is teasing a new announcement with a livestream over on Youtube. Mysteriously titled “Ubisoft Announcement – COMING SOON” and described as “Survival is timeless”, this has already invoked thoughs on what this might mean. Far Cry 5? An all-new IP alltogether? Who knows. The livestream, which can be viewed here,, features a […]