About Us


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GameOctane started as an idea after a trip to San Diego Comic Con. We thought, “Hey, why can’t we do what all the bigger guys do…But the way we want to do it?” It took a week or two after our trip in 2008 before I locked myself in my room to figure this out. Could we actually do this? It took a few names before I landed on GameOctane. I fell in love with it. A week or so later, I sketched the logo and got it digitized. Wasn’t too much longer before we were producing content. We were doing great, we even had a decent Team Fortress 2 server. Then life happened, I got burnt out after our site got hacked. I cancelled the server and GameOctane slipped away. I got another bug in my ass a couple of convention trips later to bring it back, I had to re-buy the .com name and completely rebuild the site. Long story short, it was an epic fail. I was doing too much too soon.

Fast forward to today, we’re back, with a vision. A vision so god damned amazing, it gives me chills. I want to provide content on every level to our building community. This includes this site, Twitch.TV streaming, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and where ever else we feel we should be. I’m talking live events, live community discussions, 24 hour Twitch charity streams, and whatever else YOU, the community wants. Many of these are already in place, and I want to thank those of you that have stuck by my side these seven years. All of the motivation and mental pushing helped bring this back to life. For those of you that are new, thank you for giving us a shot. We hope we can provide you with what you’re looking for.

This time around, I have a group of individuals that understand and WANT this vision. Its not that I didn’t have great help before, those individuals are still here kicking ass. It’s that we now have a broad range of talent, skills, and geeky-ness to get where we NEED to be. If you have an issue, let us know. If we’re doing great, let us know. If you think I should get on YouTube and host a discussion, let us know. If you know of a game, gadget, TV show, Movie, beer, ANYTHING that you want us to dive into, get details and show the community. Let us know!

Thank you again for finding us.

Your friend in geekdom,
Jason “Klutzleo” Germino