2016 Silicon Valley Comic Con #SVCC Review

by on March 29, 2016

Going into Silicon Valley Comic Con 2016, We were not exactly sure what to expect with it being its first year. Mishaps, confusion, and disorganized chaos is to be expected with any event this large for its inaugural year. When questions were needed to be answered in regards to large panels, the typical answer was “I do not know” or “Go find someone in a blue shirt, and ask them”.

Coming from a press perspective it was fairly easy to get around and get where we needed to be, given once we were able to find out what was going on. Certain promises were made that were not followed through with unfortunately. This was in the form of promise of snacks/water in the press room, and only being notified a day or two before the actual event of important information as to where to pick our credentials up at.

All of the booths/vendors were well stocked, very informative, polite, and fun to talk to with great product, artwork, games, etc. Having the VR on site was a blast to watch\Interact and looks like it was fun for the participants interacting with the VR of all ages.

With the amount of people in attendance, and our overall experience for the weekend we felt it was well done and enjoyable. If there were to be any recommendations, i would say for next year to make sure that people (press and attendees) are more in the know of what is going on and how things are to happen. We can also chalk these faults up to first year jitters and hope they get corrected for the 2nd year around

All in all my experience was enjoyable, and very fun. The highlight of my trip, as well as many others I am sure was the Back To The Future Panel. It was truly amazing to have Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd, and Leah Thompson on stage remembering the good days on set and retelling the stories of what made that franchise such a hit. Looking forward to next year and cannot wait to see what Silicon Valley has to offer us.

We look forward to next year and cannot wait to see what “Silicon Valley Comic Con 2.0” has to bring us as Steve Wozniak put it. Do not forget to check out the link below for some video coverage of all of our great interviews and peeks at a couple of pretty awesome panels. Until then, remember to keep gaming and look out for more great stuff from us on the Horizon.

Thank you All, and See You Next Year!!

GameOctane YouTube Playlist From #SVCC 2016: GameOctane @ SVCC 2016

Photo Credits: BlurredFocusPhotos , @GameOctane

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