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Double Kick Heroes – Early Access Preview (PC)

by Matthew Steigelyon April 14, 2018
Does Double Kick Heroes rock our socks off or crash and burn on the highway to hell?

Extinction Review (PC)

by Ryan Welchon April 10, 2018
A frustrating button masher with flashes of fun


Ark Park Review (PSVR)

by Ryan Welchon April 9, 2018
Explore a prehistoric dinosaur park with some limited technology.

Adventure Pals Review (PC)

by Ryan Welchon April 4, 2018
A colorful and lively platformer with your favorite pals.


Far Cry 5 Review

by Ryan Welchon March 30, 2018
May chaos forever reign in Hope County, Montana

Kings and Heroes – Review

by Matthew Steigelyon March 24, 2018
Kings and Heroes, unfortunately, isn't an exciting name and sounds extremely generic. But is this a diamond in the rough, or does it keep true to its boring namesake?