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New Life To Retro Style

by noelpdon February 23, 2018
New Life To Retro Fun Browsing through my Facebook feed like so many people like to do on their downtime, I came across an interesting video that featured a company entitled 1Up Forge. 1Up Forge’s focus is to take old recycled video game parts, accessories, and really anything from the past of geek and turn […]

Battle Chef Brigade Review

by noelpdon February 20, 2018
Battle Chef Brigade – Review Battle Chef Brigade is a game that we were able to get our hands on back in 2016 at the PlayStation experience (You can check it out here). While yet to still release to the PlayStation 4, we have been able to go ahead and play it on the Steam/PC […]

Nintendo Labo Arrives April 20th!

by Ryan Welchon January 17, 2018
Electronics meet Cardboard!!!

Nintendo Direct Recap

by Ryan Welchon January 11, 2018
We recap this morning's Nintendo Direct with some thoughts on the newly announced games

SNES Classic Announced!!!

by Jason Germinoon June 26, 2017
That’s right. The SNES Classic has been announced and looks to be coming our way on September 29th and with a $80 price tag. It will include 21 epic games and unlike the NES Classic, they actually are all worth playing. Here is the list: Contra III: The Alien Wars™ Donkey Kong Country™ EarthBound™ Final […]

Pwned by Amazon – The Nintendo Switch Launch Disaster

by Jason Germinoon March 4, 2017
It’s March 4th approximately 6:40 am at the time I am writing this. The Nintendo Switch just had a glorious launch, people are enjoying it, some aren’t, mostly everyone I’ve heard loves and is in awe of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. This is all great for Nintendo trying to revive their brand and move […]