PlayStation 3 – The End Is Near

by noelpdon March 18, 2017
Step back with us for a moment in the GameOctane time machine back to the date of November 11th, 2006. On that day Sony released the next step in next generation gaming with the PlayStation 3 unit. A rough estimate of 83 million units have been sold since that day. Updated on the Official Sony […]

SVCC Expands with Outdoor Festival, and More Guests Announced

by noelpdon February 23, 2017
Silicon Valley Comic Con 2017 is almost upon us. Last years inaugural year had an amazing turnout of nearly 60,000 guests! We are gearing up for another big year and hoping for even more attendees. Something being added this year is the official SVCC Outdoor Festival. This event will be open to the public with special […]

PSX, Street Fighter, and Video Games Awards, Oh My!

by noelpdon November 8, 2016
It is that time of year, and the 2016 PlayStation Experience (PSX) is approaching quickly. Not only with the PlayStation Experience be running this year from December 3rd-4th, it will also be host to the 2016 Video Game Awards as well as the 2016 Capcom Cup which will be home to some of the greatest […]

GameOctane Presents: Nintendo Switch Announcement Podcast!

by Klutzleoon October 20, 2016
Jason, Ryan, and Noel break down and swoon over the new Nintendo Switch!

Intel Extreme Masters Coming To They Bay Area

by noelpdon October 17, 2016
Oracle Area in Oakland, California has been known to host a variety of champions, stellar performances, and all kinds of amazing events. Soon enough Intel will be in the house bringing us a new champion in a action packed gaming tournament featuring teams from all over the world for Oracle’s first ever E-Sports Event. There […]

Dates, Guests, and Tickets on Sale NOW for SVCC

by noelpdon September 22, 2016
As we approach the new year, we are ramping up and getting ready for another great year. 2017 will be bringing us the 2nd Annual Silicon Valley Comic Con (SVCC). Previously announced were the dates that SVCC will be held next year, which we now know are April 21-23 at the San Jose McEnery Convention […]