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Review – Lego Worlds

by on April 19, 2017
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March 7, 2017


Traveller's Tales


I love Legos. I’ve collected and built Lego sets for about a decade. Sadly, when I became older and had to purchase Lego sets with my own money, my collecting came to a abrupt end. I fondly remember staying up late at night with my mom, sitting on the kitchen floor and sorting all the bricks before we built a set. Legos have always had a special place in my heart, and the Lego games have been cherished by me and my family over the years.When Minecraft came out I really thought I’d love that game-I mean it’s a virtual Lego sandbox-but Minecraft never did it for me. So when I saw Lego Worlds I was sold. A digital toy box filled with every Lego brick imaginable, what could be better?

The answer to that question is…a lot.

Lego Worlds starts off in space. You’re an astronaut and you crash land on a Lego landscape. I’m not sure if it’s random but both files I started I crash landed on a pirate themed world. Regardless, the first three worlds teach you the fundamentals of the game. You have to find and collect gold blocks to upgrade your ship, so you then can travel farther in the galaxy to bigger and better worlds. To find gold blocks you have to complete tasks for random npcs scattered across the map. In the first 3 worlds they are pretty straight forward in how you get the gold brick. This acts as a tutorial to teach you the basics of Lego Worlds

Each brick is locked behind being taught how to use the tools of Lego Worlds.The main tool, The Discovery Tool, is used to discover any item in the world. You use it to add items to your collection, and then you can use the same tool to pull these items out of your collection and place them in the world. So let’s say you find a cow walking around, you can “discover” the cow, pay some studs to unlock it in your collection and then place as many cows as you want to run around the world. You can also use The Discovery Tool to remove items if you may have placed one too many cows. The Landscape Tool is used to add bricks, or flatten the terrain. If you need to remove that mountain that is in your way this would be the tool to use. The Build Tool will let you place individual bricks, so you can build anything you can imagine (but not really, more on that later). Let’s say you build a little cottage, but you don’t want it to just be one solid color, well then The Paint Tool is for you! This tool is pretty self explanatory. Finally we have The Copy Tool which can copy whole sections to replicate houses, or anything that is built in the world. This is great if you want to place identical condos on the hillside over looking a nice lake.

While you’re running around these themed Lego worlds, you’ll be treated to beautiful colors. The plastic blues or greens look breathtaking. Lego Worlds looks wonderful, the Legos and the environments look like they could jump off of your TV stand and be at home right there on the living room floor.  What you will miss though, is any type of familiar intellectual property. The game is published by Warner Bros, but you won’t run into Batman. Disappointingly none of Legos licensed properties are in the game. You won’t be running around as Gandalf or building Hogwarts.

Lego Worlds ran pretty clean as well. The game crashed once, but it might have been because I lost internet connection during gameplay. The point of being connected to the internet is that you can share/discover other peoples worlds in the universe. This is a really interesting feature for people who want to build whole worlds and share them with friends. You can even play with friends in Co-op mode.

The game plays like almost every other Lego game. You smash bricks to collect studs, you fight enemies by smacking them with a weapon until the burst into blocks. Sadly, this is where the game falls short. After the tutorial the game lacks story or direction. You wander aimlessly around trying to collect gold blocks to go to bigger worlds, to then in turn find more gold blocks. I got burned out pretty quickly with the repetitive nature of the gameplay hook.

So I had a great idea, I never like building things in Minecraft, but I mean this is Lego! So I went online and found digital scans of my old Lego sets. I set out to build an Xwing, but only got to page two when I hit a wall. The game was missing blocks, not just a few, but countless blocks. I then jumped online and did some research, did I have to play the game for 20+ hours until I unlocked every time of block? But to my dismay I found that not every type of block is in the game, they have the basic blocks, basic shapes, but not any that you need for building hardly any set that I found. I was heart broken. I was hoping for a digital box of Legos, but sadly it’s not that.

I feel like this game is an early access title. Maybe if they add more to this, if the just open it up and go wild, throw all the Lego blocks in the game and add some solid story or direction, then maybe this game has some life. But in this current state I don’t believe it will sink its teeth into anyone. It’s not open creatively enough for the Minecraft crowd, nor is it engaging enough for fans of past Lego games. Lego Worlds is a beautiful game, with a shallow gameplay hook and lacks the freedom to build anything imaginable.

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+ Beautiful Graphics
+ Familiar Controls


- Lack of content
- Small amount of bricks for freebuilding
- No outside Lego Properties (i.e. Batman, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars)

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Bottom Line

Lego Worlds never really captures the magic of playing with Legos.  With shallow gameplay, and a gimped library of building bricks, your time would be better spent playing with actual Legos.

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