E3 Conference Schedules!

by Ryan Welchon February 17, 2017
A few conferences have been announced for E3 2017!

Ghost Recon: Wildlands BETA Coming Soon

by noelpdon February 16, 2017
The moment that some of you Tom Clancy Ghost Recon fans have been waiting for is quickly approaching. Wildlands, Ubisoft’s latest game in the world of Tom Clancy will be available for open beta this month starting on February 23rd at 6am EST and will run through February 27th at 6am EST. The open beta […]


Review: King Oddball

by Curt Callawayon February 13, 2017
A game produced by 10tons King Oddball is loosely a physics based destruction puzzle solver. It’s very reminiscent of Angry Birds with some little twists. Instead of a slingshot you play as King Oddball, a giant moon….. not a space station, and with your crazy long tongue you hurtle huge rocks at tanks, helicopters, and […]

Review – Sniper Elite 4

by Ryan Welchon February 13, 2017
Sniper Elite 4 vastly improves it's trademark features and provides new, entertaining gameplay.

Check out the Sniper Elite 4 Launch Trailer!

by Ryan Welchon February 10, 2017
You do not want to miss the new Launch Trailer and Season Pass details!!

Check out the For Honor Livestream today at 2pm PST!

by Ryan Welchon February 7, 2017
You don't want to miss this Livestream before the open beta February 9th!