Flashback Friday – Catherine

by travis_stywallon March 17, 2017
When people sometimes ask me what some of my favorite video games are, I always seem to mention the 2012 puzzle platforming gem, Catherine. With a title so simple as Catherine people can’t help but ask what the game is about and because of its unique qualities I get so excited to explain to others […]

Review – Yakuza 0

by Jason Germinoon February 28, 2017
A game that's serious, yet over the top (in a great way)!


Review: King Oddball

by Curt Callawayon February 13, 2017
A game produced by 10tons King Oddball is loosely a physics based destruction puzzle solver. It’s very reminiscent of Angry Birds with some little twists. Instead of a slingshot you play as King Oddball, a giant moon….. not a space station, and with your crazy long tongue you hurtle huge rocks at tanks, helicopters, and […]

PS Plus: Free Games – January 2017

by noelpdon January 14, 2017
Happy New Year! With a new year comes new games for us Playstation Plus owners. Every month we are wondering what games will be given to us to be able to download. In previous months Sony has surprised us with bigger titles like NBA 2K16. This month Sony brings us a little old school mixed […]

2016 PSX Showcase Live Blog!

by Jason Germinoon December 3, 2016
Here we go!! Live blog! Be sure to stay here to get live updates!!  

PSN Plus – Free Games For October

by noelpdon September 29, 2016
It is that time of the month again. Sony has announced their latest free offerings to the masses that have the Playstation Plus subscriptions. While it is not exactly a larger title like in previous months with NBA 2K16, they still managed to pull some decent games to the table. For the month of October, […]