Review – Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap (Switch)

by Ryan Welchon April 20, 2017
A beautiful remake of the classic SEGA platformer

Review – Lego Worlds

by Matthew Steigelyon April 19, 2017
Lego Worlds is a beautiful game, with a shallow gameplay hook and lacks the freedom to build anything imaginable.


Review – Assault Suit Leynos (PS4)

by Klutzleoon April 11, 2017
Assault Suit Leynos is a remake of the classic on the Sega Genesis / Master Drive system with the same name. Simply you control a mech that you have some customization options in the way that you get to choose how much armor or what weapons to use on missions. There are eight missions in […]

Review – Yooka Laylee (XB1)

by Ryan Welchon April 11, 2017
How does this ode to retro platformers compare to beloved games of old?


Review – Rise & Shine (XB1)

by Ryan Welchon April 6, 2017
A challenging and violent arcade shooter/platformer

Review – Snake Pass

by Matthew Steigelyon April 3, 2017
Snake Pass is a puzzle game, but not anĀ average puzzler. You play as Noodle the snake, and that’s pretty much all I got. I’mĀ sure there is a story, but it wasn’t engaging enough to care. Snake Pass is a collectathon more than an epic tale of Noodle the snake. Each level has 20 bubbles that […]