Ancient Amuletor – Review

by Brandon Ellenburgon July 21, 2017
The Tower Defense genre is updated for Virtual Reality.

Last Day of June Preview

by Ryan Welchon July 20, 2017
We preview the game that won our award for Most Memorable Game at E3 2017. Check out our thoughts on the first three chapters of the game (Spoiler Alert)!


Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom – A First Impressions Review

by Derptakuon July 18, 2017
Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom is a charmingly, artistic RPG in a world of furry humanoids stocked up with adventure and a cast of characters that remind you of a simpler 90s cartoon era. To start out you’re thrown into the role of Chado, a daring young Waki whose dream is to travel far from his […]

Kingdom Hearts 3 finally has a Release date!

by Matthew Steigelyon July 16, 2017
Kingdom Hearts III is coming!


Micro Machines World Series – Review with Brandon and Jason

by Brandon Ellenburgon July 14, 2017
Micro Machines is back! But can it hold it's own against it's past?

Re:Legend First Look!

by Matthew Steigelyon July 13, 2017
Re:Legends seems like a dream come true for fans of Harvest Moon or Fantasy Life.