Kingdom Come Deliverance has sold over a half a million units.

by Matthew Steigelyon February 15, 2018
Kingdom Come Deliverance is selling well for Warhorse Studios

Genetic Disaster – Review With Special Guest 2woGood!

by Jason Germinoon February 12, 2018
Genetic Disaster, or total disaster. This game has a little of everything.

Extinction Gets April 10th Release Date and Pre-order Bonuses Announced!

by Jason Germinoon January 31, 2018
Extinction pre-order bonuses are out! Does your favorite retailer have your favorite DLC?

Monster Hunter: World – shipped 5 million copies within 3 days

by Katyon January 30, 2018
Monster Hunter: World has shipped out a staggering 5 million copies within the first 3 days of its release. Capcom has announced the figure, which is a combination of both physical and digital copies. While the actual number of sold copies should be lower than the 5 million mark, this is an immensely promising start […]

Forged Battalion is Now Available on Steam Early Access!

by Jason Germinoon January 17, 2018
Forged Battalion is Now Available on Steam Early Access! I am pretty hyped over this new game and have yet to touch it. (Can read the first article here.) Taking some veterans from one of my favorite series, Command and Conquer and create a new RTS with some innovative new takes on the genre, count […]

Spiritual Successor of Theme Hospital, Two Point Hospital Has Been Announced!!

by Jason Germinoon January 16, 2018
With veterans of Bullfrog, the original creators of Theme Hospital, Two Point is looking to bring back an epic, humorous, hospital simulator!