Review – Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days (Steam)

by Ryan Welchon May 23, 2017
Does Bloody Days live up to it's name sake?

Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days Launches Today!

by Ryan Welchon May 18, 2017
Check out the launch trailer!


Review – Rain World

by Klutzleoon May 14, 2017
The last time we brought everyone some information about Videocult’s Rain World, Noel and I just left Playstation Experience and had an exclusive interview with James of Videocult. You can find the article and video here:┬áRain World PSX Exclusive. That was back in December. Guess what, now Rain World has been released and damn is […]

Review – Neurovoider (PS4)

by Klutzleoon May 4, 2017
Created by Flying Oak Games Neurovoider is a twin-stick shooter based in a cyber futuristic world where you are a brain that breaks out of its containment and takes over a robot. What’s the idea of the game? The evil robots are partying and a lone robot wants you to start wrecking everything that moves […]


Deformers – Review

by Matthew Steigelyon April 25, 2017
Deformers is a cheap knock off, with lackluster gameplay and controls.

Review – Lego Worlds

by Matthew Steigelyon April 19, 2017
Lego Worlds is a beautiful game, with a shallow gameplay hook and lacks the freedom to build anything imaginable.