New Xbox Promotions Announced

by Ryan Welchon February 15, 2018
Got a tax refund burning a hole in your pocket? Why not spend it on some new hardware!

PC Building Sim Teams Up with MSI

by Ryan Welchon February 15, 2018
Add MSI to the list of top PC component manufacturers who have partnered with PC Building Sim.

Kingdom Come Deliverance has sold over a half a million units.

by Matthew Steigelyon February 15, 2018
Kingdom Come Deliverance is selling well for Warhorse Studios

Razer Partners with KSV eSports

by Ryan Welchon February 7, 2018
All of KSV's eSports teams will be outfitted with top Razer gear.

Red Dead Redemption Delayed Until Fall 2018

by Ryan Welchon February 1, 2018
Another delay...but for good reason.

Silicon Valley Comic Con Affiliated

by noelpdon January 26, 2018
  We at GameOctane are excited to announce that we are now Officially a Silicon Valley Comic Con Affiliate. We have had a blast covering the last couple of years for SVCC, and look forward to not only this year but the future years moving forward. We look forward to providing you more and more […]