Flash Back Friday’s

Flash Back Friday: Gun * Nac

by Curt Callawayon February 17, 2017
In 1990 there was a huge collection of really great games for a variety of systems. The NES was in its heyday having a good solid 5 years of major success in the North American market. This super hot and open market leads towards some crazy obscure titles, games, stories and themes. Gun Nac was […]

Flash Back Friday: Mario Kart 64

by Curt Callawayon February 10, 2017
20 YEARS! Holy Crap 20! Really?!? That game has been out for 20 years? Yup! Today Feb 10th marks the 20th Anniversary of Mario Kart 64.  This was the second iteration in what has become a Nintendo staple for every system and handheld since the SNES. Mario Kart on the SNES was all good, and […]

Flash Back Friday: Mad Dog McCree

by Curt Callawayon February 3, 2017
Howdy Stranger! We need your help, Mad Dog McCree’s gang has taken over the town…. he’s been runnin’ a muck and taken the Mayor’s Daughter hostage, can ya help?….. Goood…… The Sheriff has been overrun and is locked up in the jail, you should go git em. This crazy old codger is the Prospector he […]

Flash Back Friday: 4 Player Peripherals

by Curt Callawayon January 27, 2017
If you were to look at todays gaming industry it seems like less than 10% of games published (especially by major studios) are single player only games. Popular game franchises are adding multiplayer modes to their poplar single player titles many of which don’t really fit a multiplayer scheme all that well. It’s odd to think […]

Flash Back Friday: NEO GEO (The Unicorn Console)

by Curt Callawayon January 20, 2017
The NEO GEO was the unicorn of 90’s gaming systems. Most 90’s kids were familiar with the system and had only played it by pumping quarters into a full cased arcade machine at the pizza parlor or Chuck E Cheese’s. Every kid knew the games on this system were fantastic and included games like  Metal […]

Flash Back Friday: The Legend of Zelda

by Curt Callawayon January 13, 2017
Just seeing this screen instantly calls to my brain one of the best MIDI based video game scores ever.  The adventure that started it all, introducing us to probably the second (or third if you count Luigi) most iconic video game heroes of all time. His instantly recognizable green tunic and pointed ears let us know […]