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The Caped Crusaders Are Coming To Silicon Valley Comic Con!!

by noelpdon April 14, 2017
Welcome back Batman and Robin!! A couple days ago, Silicon Valley Comic Con (SVCC) announced that the Caped Crusaders are making an appearance this year. SVCC is only one week away and this announcement also confirms that this will be a long awaited return of over 10 years for both Adam West and Burt Ward. […]

Review – Darksiders: Warmastered Edition

by noelpdon April 10, 2017
Darksiders takes players into an apocalyptic world based on The Four Horseman. Who are the Four Horseman? The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are described in the last book of the New Testament of the Bible, called the Book of Revelation of Jesus Christ to John of Patmos, at 6:1-8. The chapter tells of a book […]


Review – Stories Untold

by noelpdon April 2, 2017
From No Code and Devolver Studio, Stories Untold is a compilation tape of four episodes from the now cancelled series of the same name, including a remaster of the original pilot episode “The House Abandon”. Think of a new age text based adventure for adapted to video games as we know them today. Stories Untold […]

Flashback Friday Spotlight: Sega Game Gear

by noelpdon March 24, 2017
The other day I was at my parents house helping them move into their old place. Like most parents, they still over the years end up holding onto their kids treasures that may have either been left behind or forgotten about. My parents were no exception to that rule. As my mom is gathering some […]

PlayStation 3 – The End Is Near

by noelpdon March 18, 2017
Step back with us for a moment in the GameOctane time machine back to the date of November 11th, 2006. On that day Sony released the next step in next generation gaming with the PlayStation 3 unit. A rough estimate of 83 million units have been sold since that day. Updated on the Official Sony […]

Capcom Introduces Retro Disney Afternoon Collection

by noelpdon March 15, 2017
Remember the good old days growing up? Saturday morning cartoons with not a care in the world? Capcom is looking to bring back those amazing memories with their new Retro Disney Afternoon Collection featuring classics like Duck Tales, Darkwing Duck, Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers, and Talespin. The Disney Afternoon Collection will be available as […]