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Final Fantasy XV is coming to PC!

by Matthew Steigelyon August 21, 2017
The most recent chapter in the Final Fantasy franchise is now coming to PC. Final Fantasy XV and all its DLC will be making its way over to your personal computer in early 2018. Under the nameĀ Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition, it will be available to purchase on Steam, Origin, and the Windows 10 store. […]

Indie Dev dream team assembles to make UFO 50

by Matthew Steigelyon August 7, 2017
UFO 50 looks like a smash hit collection of retro games that never existed.

Re:Legend has been funded on Kickstarter!

by Matthew Steigelyon July 28, 2017
Re:Legend has hit it's funding goal!

Re:Legend launches on Kickstarter today!

by Matthew Steigelyon July 26, 2017
Re:Legend is now on Kickstarter! Get those wallets out!


Captain Kaon – Review

by Matthew Steigelyon July 17, 2017
If you need to get your 80's nostalgia, twin stick shooter trip then look no further...

Kingdom Hearts 3 finally has a Release date!

by Matthew Steigelyon July 16, 2017
Kingdom Hearts III is coming!