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Captain Kaon – Review

by Matthew Steigelyon July 17, 2017
If you need to get your 80's nostalgia, twin stick shooter trip then look no further...

Kingdom Hearts 3 finally has a Release date!

by Matthew Steigelyon July 16, 2017
Kingdom Hearts III is coming!

Re:Legend First Look!

by Matthew Steigelyon July 13, 2017
Re:Legends seems like a dream come true for fans of Harvest Moon or Fantasy Life.

Ni no Kuni II has been struck with a delay

by Matthew Steigelyon July 13, 2017
Ni no Kuni II has been delayed.


by Matthew Steigelyon July 8, 2017
PLAYERUKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS, the smash hit battle royale game, has been delayed. The game has been in open early access since March 23rd of 2017. The game took twitch and the gaming community by storm. It has consistently been one of the top games on twitch and has also sold 4 millions copies in the first […]

RiME – Review

by Matthew Steigelyon June 29, 2017
RiME is a unique puzzle platformer. I see many reviewers call it a Zelda like game, and I have no idea where they make that comparison. It plays more like the old ps2 style puzzle platformer games, in the vein of a Ico or Shadow of the Colossus.  Also akin to those games, the story […]