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Review – Imprint-X

by Klutzleoon February 14, 2017
Imprint-X is an affordable puzzle game that may very well make you break your mouse, but that could be a good thing. The quick story behind Imprint-X is that you are a hacker clone and nano bots which are called Wardens. These Wardens are getting into people’s brains and enslaving them. You have to hack […]

Open Call for Developers Affected by Immigration Ban to Demo Games at Devolver Digital Underground During Game Developers Conference 2017

by Klutzleoon February 2, 2017
Just got this amazing announcement and needed to post this ASAP. If you are a game developer and cannot make it to GDC due to the ban on travel from certain countries to the United States, the amazing publisher Devolver Digital is trying to get your game shown at GDC. Press Release below! Devolver Digital […]


Happy Dungeons – Review

by Klutzleoon January 21, 2017
Happy Dungeons is the successor to Happy Wars. Happy Wars was a free to play massive multiplayer battle game where you chose a class and teamed up with other players to ambush the other teams base…and it was damn fun. Happy Dungeons takes the components that made Happy Wars so great such as the fun […]

Planet Coaster – Review

by Klutzleoon January 14, 2017
When I was younger I loved simulation type games before I even understood what they were. Starting with Theme Park and Theme Hospital, my love for them only grew from there. Then I got into Rollercoaster Tycoon, which in my eyes was the epitome of simulation games. I owned all three of them, DLC if […]

PSX Exclusive Preview – Flinthook

by Klutzleoon December 20, 2016
Flinthook…I’m still upset that I didn’t know this game was in development. Huge shoutout to Dom in taking the time and showing us the game and talking to us about it. Check out the quick interview below. But lets get back to the game. In Flinthook you play a space pirate traveling around to get […]

PSX Exclusive Preview – Shakedown: Hawaii

by Klutzleoon December 16, 2016
So before heading to Playstation Experience I was super stoked to be able to check this game out while we were there. Shakedown: Hawaii is created by Vblank Entertainment which created a game I fell in love with, Retro City Rampage. Alas I am not here to gush over RCR (I know I know). We’re […]