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Severed Review

by Kal_Ellieon February 14, 2017
Severed comes off eerie and puzzling, but it may not be all it seems!

Nintendo Announces “Expansion Pass” for Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

by Kal_Ellieon February 14, 2017
Earlier this morning, Nintendo producer Eiji Aonuma announced to us that Nintendo will be releasing an “expansion pass” for their next headliner, Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Although Nintendo has dipped their feet into the world of DLC before, this is the first time they’ve done it for a Legend of Zelda game from […]

Nintendo Switch Online Might Not Cost As Much As We Thought

by Kal_Ellieon February 2, 2017
Last month, Nintendo gave us a lot of information during their Switch presentation. Some of the less appealing news was that Nintendo was going to start charging for their online gameplay services. Online access will be free at the Switch’s launch, but a paid subscription will be necessary for online multiplayer starting this fall. It’s fairly […]

Nintendo Switch News is Almost Upon Us!

by Kal_Ellieon January 11, 2017
This week Nintendo is blessing us with not one, but TWO presentations all about the new Nintendo Switch console! So far all we have on the Switch is the trailer, and a video of Jimmy Fallon playing the console. That video was pretty hilarious, but we want more info on the Switch! Luckily, the time […]


Review – Mario Party Star Rush

by Kal_Ellieon December 15, 2016
Mario Party is back, and bringing a lot of new features to the table!

GameOctane Goes to the Zelda Symphony!

by Kal_Ellieon December 7, 2016
The Zelda Symphony was in Salt Lake City earlier this week, and Ryan and Allie were lucky enough to attend! It’s a very unique production, with an orchestra and choir playing fancy symphony versions of the music we all know from a variety of Zelda games. Not only that, but there is accompanying gameplay footage […]