2016 PSX Showcase Live Blog!

by Klutzleoon December 3, 2016
Here we go!! Live blog! Be sure to stay here to get live updates!!  

The Game Awards 2016

by Curt Callawayon December 1, 2016
Tonight is this years game awards being hosted live on the interwebs. Check it out!

Review – Mark McMorris Infinite Air

by noelpdon November 30, 2016
Mark McMorris Infinite Air is know as “A fresh welcome into snowboarding for newcomers and a challenging step into untracked territory for seasoned boarders”. One of the first things I will agree with on this is it definitely is challenging. While fun at times, the control system is fairly complex and hard to get a handle on. With […]


Review – Robinson: The Journey

by noelpdon November 21, 2016
Have you ever watched any of the Jurassic Park movies and thought to yourself, “Wow, I wish there was a real place like that in existence?”. With PlaystationVR, the creators of Robinson: The Journey have gone above and beyond to create exactly that for us as gamers venturing into the new world of Virtual Reality. […]

Interview with Jason Michael Paul, Executive Producer of the Zelda Symphony!

by Kal_Ellieon November 19, 2016
The Zelda Symphony of the Goddesses has been making its way around the US and Canada for its Master Quest tour. We’ve got just two more weeks to go until the Zelda Symphony makes its way to Salt Lake City, where GameOctane’s Ryan and Allie will be bringing you all the coverage you need from […]

Review – Farming Simulator 17

by Klutzleoon November 19, 2016
I was the most qualified to review this game. How am I the most qualified you ask? I grew up on a farm and worked and tended my own field before I took the life of technology. We grew, cotton, melons, sugar beets, alfalfa, and silage corn. Needless to say, I was fairly excited to […]

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