PSN Plus – Free Games For October

by noelpdon September 29, 2016
It is that time of the month again. Sony has announced their latest free offerings to the masses that have the Playstation Plus subscriptions. While it is not exactly a larger title like in previous months with NBA 2K16, they still managed to pull some decent games to the table. For the month of October, […]

If You Haven’t Bought the BioShock Collection Yet, Here’s Why You Should

by Kal_Ellieon September 29, 2016
As a long-time fan of the BioShock series, I was definitely excited when I heard the news about the BioShock Collection. For those that may not know, the BioShock Collection is an HD-Remastered bundle of each of the 3 BioShock games, as well as all 1-player DLC. It was released on September 13th for Xbox […]

Early Access Review – Windscape (PC)

by Klutzleoon September 27, 2016
Windscape is an open world RPG build from one man, Dennis Witte. Dennis is a one man workhorse in his studio Magic Sandbox. This game has been in development for about a year and a half, and damn it is pretty impressive. I wasn’t to sure what to think of Windscape when doing some quick […]


Flashback Friday: Top 10 Dreamcast Games with Guest Writer Travis_Stywall!

by Klutzleoon September 23, 2016
Just a couple of weeks ago before writing this column, it was the birthday for one of my favorite consoles of all time — the Sega Dreamcast. We’ve built so many great memories with each other and with the continued support from independent developers we continue to create more til this day. But for today, […]

Hue Review

by Kal_Ellieon September 22, 2016
Have you ever thought about what the world would look like without color? Hue is a creative, fast-paced puzzler game that shows us just how dreary a world without color can be. Don’t let this turn you away, however. The beautiful letters we uncover about a scientist discovering each of the colors in the visible […]

Dates, Guests, and Tickets on Sale NOW for SVCC

by noelpdon September 22, 2016
As we approach the new year, we are ramping up and getting ready for another great year. 2017 will be bringing us the 2nd Annual Silicon Valley Comic Con (SVCC). Previously announced were the dates that SVCC will be held next year, which we now know are April 21-23 at the San Jose McEnery Convention […]

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